Ultra-light, ultra-thin, extremely flexible

Point spacing: 1.8/2.5mm; A single module is only 0.19kg, thickness 8.6mm; Strong flexibility, bending and folding arc up to 145°, flexible and follow one's heart

Natural fit, perfect stitching

Unique piecewise splicing process, effectively reduce the splicing gap, splicing flatness ≤0.3mm, to achieve perfect splicing; Easily fit a variety of surfaces, support module trimming section, splicing surface smooth without concave and convex

Wide view, beautiful display

Viewing Angle up to 178°, wide field of vision; High refresh, high contrast, fine and clean without drag

Quick splicing function

Let you no longer worry about installation problems

Box customization                 IP65                      Front access         Hardware connection     High refresh rate

             HD                     Radian stitching         High brightness           Thin and light           Easy installation

Special cabinet design

JoinLED has a professional technical support team to solve any tech problem for you. The tech support covers installation, configuring, and anything about LED displays, please check our contact us page.

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Video format: Support WMV, AVI, FLV, RM, RMVB, MPEGTS, MP4

and other image formats: Support BMO, JPEG, PNG, GIG and so on

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